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AVANTECHNO equipment helps mining gold

AVANTECHNO portable in-line boring and surfacing tools are widely used in various industries. The reliability of design, mobility and usability make it possible to perform repair and reconditioning works even in extreme conditions in most distant part of the world.

Since February 2016 AVANTECHNO 411B machine is employed in on of the biggest gold-mining companies of Magadan region. Large-sized bulldozers and other types of heavy-duty machinery, operated in several shifts in non-stop mode requires the fastest maintenance and repair. Every minute of downtime results in significant losses and interruptions of production process.

The versatility of AVANTECHNO portable boring and welding complexes as well as capability of working at extremely low temperatures is highly appreciated by our clients. And we on our side do our best to ensure that AVANTECHNO machinery does its job in all the parts of the world.